Saturday, October 16, 2010

Salt and Pepper Chocolate Bar

Like most people I am a huge chocolate fan. Most Saturdays I try and swing by my local chocolate store, The Chocolate Path (run by the friendly and helpful Susan Fine), and see what's new and exciting. Not too long ago Susan introduced me to Olive and Sinclair's fantastic southern artisan chocolate. Olive and Sinclair is a small batch chocolate maker in Nashville, and offers a variety of bars for the choosing.

I noticed a very odd looking Salt & Pepper chocolate bar. Salt, I can see (after all, sea salt on chocolate is a terrific juxtaposition and is mighty fine). But pepper? Hmmmmm . . . it definitely triggers one's reticence, and certainly sounds less than appetizing. But ever since I discovered the joys of the Vosges Mo's Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar, I'm definitely willing to maximize my adventurous spirit and suspend my initial prejudices in the cocoa arena.

In this case, I was rewarded. The Salt & Pepper bar is not too shabby. When at a restaurant with my newly placed dish just plunked down on the table, with the waiter staring me in the eye while leaning over the table brandishing one of those every so large pepper mills, I always say, "Yes, fresh cracked black pepper it up!" If you're like me and have a peppery fascination, then you'll love this chocolate confection.

Personally, while this may engender some small horror among the expert chocolate roasters of the world, my favorite way to eat the Salt & Pepper bar is to freeze it, break off a piece, pop it in my mouth, and let it slowly warm up, tasting the growing whirl of salt, pepper and chocolate as the flavors merge and amplify during the warming process.

So go grab yourself a bar, hope you enjoy it.

I have no association with Olive and Sinclair and receive no compensation for this post.

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