Sunday, October 24, 2010

CakeMergency! Cake in 5 Minutes or Less + My Spork

So, I just discovered that Hulu is rocking it out with those groovy 70s heroes of maladies and mayhem: Emergency!

Sometimes you're sitting on your couch, late at night, reveling in the glories of 70s B level entertainment a la above, and you're overcome by the desire for cake . . . ya know . . . a CakeMergency! Now, I rarely am also simultaneously overcome by the desire for full out cake baking action, so, what to do? Yep, you guessed it, time to break out the CakeMergency! recipe:

Mugging: Grab a coffee mug.
Dry Ingredients: Code 4-4-2 => 4 TB flour, 4 TB brown sugar, 2 TB cocoa. Mix it all up but good in the mug.
Wet Ingredients: Code 2-3-3 => 2 TB whisked egg, 3 TB half & half, 3 TB oil. Chuck each in, one at a time, and mix between ingredients. Stir it up!
Candy Time: Chuck in 3 TB of your favorites: butterscotch chips, peanuts, chocolate chips, nonpareils, toffee, you name it, it'll take it. Some vanilla's nice, too.
Chernobyl It: Pop the mug in your 1000 watt microwave for 3 minutes, and boom! Cake!
Top It All Off: Run a knife around the inside of the mug to loosen the cake up, put a saucer on top of it and flip. Whack around the sides and on the top and it should drop to the saucer. Slice it in half and put one half on another saucer. Sprinkle cinnamon followed by powdered sugar on top, add chopped walnuts, and top it all off with a couple of mint leaves. If you have none of the above, just eat it, you'll still be a happy camper.

The finished result should look something like this (and check out my totally awesome metal spork there, too, cool, huh?):

Congratulations, you've officially saved yourself from a dangerous CakeMergency. Now you can kick back with your cake and watch the Emergency! medical staff pour over the 1970s version of the iPad. And if the show bores you, well, there's always Kojak. Who loves you, baby?

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