Friday, August 14, 2009

Top Chef Masters - Inside Scoop from Chef Rick Bayless

Photo Above: To jibe with Rick's Mexican cuisine, here's a photo of "chayotes," which, according to Wikimedia Commons, are a "vegetable used in Mexican cooking with spines still attached for sale at a tianguis market in Metepec, Mexico State."

Chef Rick Bayless has an entertaining post up on his Top Chef Masters web site, Read it here.

At the beginning of the show, all of the competing master chefs had to select a team from former Top Chef contestants. There wasn't much love for Spike, though (who actually went quite far in the season he competed). Rick says:
"There was one thing we all agreed on, though: none of us wanted Spike. He just seemed so cocky, not a team player."
Rick pulls no punches as well in describing his shock when the producers surprised everyone by forcing the chefs to serve this episode's lunch outside in ninety degree heat:
"[T]he abyss had a full, blazing, white-hot sun in it, and I’m pretty sure Hubert, Michael, Anita and I all knew we were fucked. Sorry to be so strong about it, but that’s how this typically mild-mannered, soft-spoken Top Chef Masters finalist felt. Think about it: I had guacamole and ceviche, Anita had built her buffet around a raw bar, Michael had beautiful salads, Hubert had raw oysters and gazpacho. All set out at 90 degrees in full sun."
Somehow Rick and his team saved the day and finished a close second to winner Chef Hubert Keller (who will always hold a special place in my heart for his rocking Hawaiian burger).

Hm, maybe I should serve raw food on the terrace later. Sushi, anyone?

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